Pokemon Go as reported earlier was to gain its lost popularity through a planned December update. The updates are now live as they have been released by Nintendo and has been confirmed through the official blog post. The players would now be discovering new Pokemons including  Togepi and Pichu hatching from Eggs. The Pokemons have originated through Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver video games in Johto region.

The number of new Pokemons being released is yet not unveiled though it marks the beginning of Gen II Pokemons in the game. To get these new Pokemons, you’ll have to hatch them from from an egg picked up at a PokeStop. Eggs can be hatched by placing them in an incubator. An incubator would be free of cost but for more incubators you’ll need to loose some bucks.  Hatching an egg collected from a PokeStop is a totally different approach for the players. This might make the game loose its touch by dismissing the need of hunting Pokemons outside. But it will certainly be a plus point for recently turned Sprint stores into Pokestops.

Apart from bringing new Pokemons, Nintendo also tingles the festive mood. Our favourite Pikachu would be seen wearing a festive hat to celebrate the season. The addition would continue till  December 29, 2016, 10:00 A.M. PST. Players would be required to hunt and catch these Pikachu’s from the wild.

Players were expecting the full range of GEN II Pokemon and with only two of those being released alongside the holiday Pikachu is quite disappointing. It is also possible though that it would create major hype and bring back the game to top charts. The impact of the decision is yet to unveil in coming times.

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