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There’s this one thing we all do when someone tells us about a new movie or TV season. We all perform a Google Search to not only gather more information about the said content but also to check how critics and other users have liked or rated the same. Thus, the tech behemoth is looking to further ease the process by directly including a movie and TV show rating feature in the search results.

This experimental feature, which is currently available to only a handful of users simplifies the rating feature by providing you with a ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ button instead of a whole rating scale. You don’t need to rack your brain deciding if the latest movie/TV show you watched was a decent 3 star one or a brilliant five star-worthy content. Google has simplified the process by providing you with just two options to choose from. It is currently available in the desktop search results

Google has confirmed its efforts of experimenting with the said feature to Search Engine Land but hasn’t mentioned how they plan to utilize the collected information. The company didn’t shed light on how it plans to display this insight in the search results. The official statement from the spokesperson said,

We’re currently experimenting with the feature but have nothing to announce at this time.

If you’re a part of this experiment — like I am — then you’ll notice a thumbs up and thumbs down button in the large movie information box that appears on the right. This card is sourced from Google’s extensive knowledge graph. This is another lightweight feature addition, which might soon join the table booking, weather info, and ticketing purchasing option in the trustworthy search results provided by the platform.

This experimental feature addition to the Search results comes on the heels of the rollout of the new ‘material design’ theme. This change to Google had been long awaited and it adds the 3D shadows to text boxes and the Top Stories and Tweet cards displayed amid the results. So, you should go ahead and search for your favorite new movie to check out the new ‘ratings’ feature in the search results. I really loved the new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie, you should definitely check it out, if you haven’t.

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