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For long, Android users have faced problems simply to copy and paste texts from their screens. Either it doesn’t copy at all or copies in inappropriate proportions. To solve the issue, Microsoft brings in a new app called “Clip Layer”. This app by Microsoft, enables Android users to copy anything from their mobile screens. It makes copy-pasting content from one app to another less of a chore.

Clip Layer is a universal overlay technology that is usable with every Android app. The app launches as you press and hold the home key of your smartphone. Simply tap on the snippet or snippets you want to copy once the app launches. This snippet is copied to your Android clipboard.

You can paste the selected snippets on other apps or sync across other devices using Wunderlist. Clip Layer also allows users to view their selected text on the clipboard by providing a ‘T’ button on the upper right corner of the screen.


Steve Won, the mastermind behind clip layer is a senior designer at Microsoft Office. In the official release announcement, he states,

There’s been a lot of growth with smartphones and ecosystems, as there are more apps that come into stores, but the same problem keeps persisting: less apps able to talk with each other, as they’re designed to work independent of each other, But while the keyboard is focused on input and only shows up when the app allows input, Clip Layer has more coverage and works on any screen.

The use of Clip Layer through the home key of your Android phone eliminates Google app from there. It means Android users would have to trade off their instant Google search screen in favor of Clip Layer. However, it is a beneficial deal viewing the excessive use of copy and paste by smartphone users — especially those who carry out office work on it.

Along with Clip Layer, Android user-ability has been continuously enhancing. With Google Play’s constant updates, bug fixes and launch of such apps, the android users come to a certain relief.

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