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The highly anticipated horror game-changer Resident Evil 7: biohazard will be supporting cross saves between its Xbox One and PC versions. That should b wonderful news to the few of you out there who own an Xbox as well as a PC that can run Resident Evil 7. Now this basically means that you can start playing the game on your Xbox One, then have the option to pick up where ever you left off on your PC. Or vice versa.

Japanese gaming news site Dengeki was the first to report this feature, mentioning, “the Windows Store version can share play data with the Xbox One version.IGN has also confirmed this news saying that the game’s publisher, Capcom, mentioned the cross-save feature in a statement.

Features such as the cross save functionality are generally reserved for any games in the Xbox One’s ‘Play Anywhere’ program(the Microsoft led program in which buying an Xbox One version of a supported game also bags you a PC copy). And as of till now, neither Capcom nor Microsoft has yet made the confirmation that Resident 7 is a ‘Play Anywhere’ title. Play Anywhere has so far been limited to Xbox exclusive games. In my opinion such a feature is close to pointless if a free copy of the PC version is not been made available to the purchasers of the Xbox One version. So there’s still a good chance the RE:7 might end up becoming a ‘play anywhere’ title.

Resident Evil 7 will also be releasing on the Playstation 4, along with both the Kitchen VR demo and the entire game’s VR mode exclusive to PlayStation for the first year, at least.

Capcom had stated in its recent earnings call that it expects Resident 7 to send out over 4 million copies before the month of April 2017, with a ‘long tail’ (Marketing term that quantifies sales) anticipated beyond that.

The first person horror title recently made a $180(Approx Rs.11000) collector’s edition reveal, Which consists of an interactive Mansion Music Box model and terrifying looking severed finger USB stick. You can get your hands on it when Resident Evil 7 launches next year, on January 24.

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