Just the other day it seemed as though Ditto was about to be rolled out to the Pokémon GO world thanks to some strengthened speculations after a recently(supposedly innocuous) update. However yesterday, it was officially confirmed that Ditto is actually live in-game, and trainers all around the world are catching the little pink blob as we speak.

And now you obviously want to know how to find the little bugger. If you know anything about Ditto and the Pokemon series, you know it’s not going to show up as itself. Ditto will only show up in the game disguised as other Pokémon, and you won’t know if you’ve caught him until after you capture whatever pocket monster he’s bothered to transform himself into.

As for the Pokemons it’s disguised as, most of the cases that have been put forward show Ditto to be hiding as the most common creatures in the game(i.e ratata, pidgey etc). And apparently can also be lured in using incense.

So now that you know that the pink blob could be hiding as any creature, start paying close attention to each and every one of your catches in the game as a short post catch cutscene is where the creature reveals itself as Ditto. Because there have been a lot of cases where players casually put their phones away after catching one of these and missing the part where Ditto reveals itself.

This is what it looks like in-game:

The frequency of finding Ditto is not exactly clear as of yet, but it sure as hell isn’t a common occurrence. so keep your eyes peeled and go catch em’ all.

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