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With Virtual reality now being the ubiquitous trend, the National Football League(NFL) has announced its collaboration plans with Google to produce a new VR series for YouTube and the Daydream platform.

This nine-part show will be produced by NFL and will offer a look from the point of view of players, coaches, executives, cheerleaders, and fans, which will be “a 360-degree perspective of life”.

Although the first episode will debut on Thanksgiving Day on the league’s YouTube channel, the remaining series will be available at NFL VR app on Google’s Daydream platform later in the year.

With the series being the first sports content for the medium, the football league has taken a plunge at producing its own VR content. For the ongoing production of the series, NFL Films is has picked up Google’s GoPro-driven Jump virtual reality camera to capture the footage. The name of the series is yet to be divulged.

While the name of the series is yet to be divulged, the league has given out some information on their first episode, which will showcase the Philadelphia Eagles as they prepare for an upcoming game with views from the sideline on game day. According to the NFL, the VR show will focus on unique aspects of other teams, like the football culture in Green Bay.

Interestingly, the league has been in talks with Google since early 2015 to materialize the collaboration, when both worked together to carry highlights, previews and recaps to YouTube. It was only in May that the NFL- Google duo extended the contract to include classic games for all 32 teams. Thus, it will be interesting to see if the league’s in-house production people will be successful at pulling off this first-of-its-kind VR series.

Earlier, NFL Films has also worked with Amazon and produced a series called “All or Nothing” that was debuted in July 2015.

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