Within two days, Singtel has announced two collaborations with different firms, in distinct regions, with an intent to save users from security breaches. Just a day before, it had partnered with National University of Singapore (NUS) to establish a cybersecurity laboratory in Singapore.

Today Singtel revealed it has signed a deal with TIS Inc (TIS), a subsidiary of leading Japanese systems integration company TIS Intec Group, to offer cyber security services in Japan. With this association, it aims to help businesses build cyber resilience and protect critical infrastructure.

Singtel’s subsidiary Trustwave, one of the fastest-growing global managed security services providers will work to provide TIS Managed Security Services through a new Security Operation Centre (SOC) which will be established in Tokyo.

Mr Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise at Singtel said,

Our partnership with TIS strengthens our presence in the region as we work together to meet Japan’s growing need for robust cyber security defences. 

Trustwave’s first SOC in Japan will enhance its ability to offer TIS’ customers round-the-clock monitoring of their networks and rapid response to cyber attacks. The centre will connect to Trustwave’s global network of eight SOCs and will be backed by security experts located around the world, offering Japanese businesses local visibility combined with global threat awareness and protection.

Mr Robert J. McCullen, Chief Executive Officer and President at Trustwave said,

TIS Managed Security Services will be a strong offering in the Japanese market, backed by the global capabilities and threat intelligence from Trustwave.

The launch of the TIS Managed Security Services in Japan is timely given that the cyber security market in the country is expected to grow from over US$4 billion in 2013 to more than $10 billion in 2019, according to Micro Market Monitor.

Mr Masayuki Inaba, Executive Vice President at TIS said,

Trustwave’s Managed Security Services will augment our infocomm technology consultancy and systems integration capabilities to protect Japanese companies against cyber crime and potential loss of revenue. By securing their data and sensitive information, we can help companies to preserve their customers’ and associates trust.





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