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WhatsApp rolls out Snapchat-like photo editing and doodle features to iOS users

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After porting photo editing and doodle features from Snapchat to their own messaging app on Android, WhatsApp is now updating its iOS app to introduce these features to iPhone, iPad users.

These doodle features that existed in beta versions for quite sometime, were introduced to the stable version of the Android app just last month. This update updates the native camera integration within the app to introduce new and improved camera features that’ll allow you to write text, doodle, and add emojis to photos or videos. Yes, exactly like Snapchat, these features also don’t limit your creativity to photos and allow you to emojify and add text to recently captured videos as well.

WhatsApp update version 2.16.12 brings along these updated features, which are exceptionally easy to learn and use. Firstly, you will need to open the camera within WhatsApp to snap a picture or select your favorite from the gallery. Once you snap/select a picture, you’ll notice editing tools appear on the top right-hand side of the selected photo. You can now use any of these features to make your photos more peppy, fun and communicable to the person you’re relaying it to. The same steps will also be applicable for videos.

You will see three primary features that’ve been added to help jazz up your media content. There is a fixed set of emojis, you can add to the image to convey your feelings or thoughts. You have the option to add numerous lines of text in different colors and fonts to the photo, coupled along with the known doodling feature. You can now scribble anything atop the photos before sending it to the one you want to.

There is currently no update on whether the front-facing flash or easy zoom functionality has also been introduced in the iOS app with this update. We’ll update this post once we get to know more about the same.

The iOS update with aformentioned features is now live. Click here right now to navigate to the Apple App Store and download the update.

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