Facebook is the largest social network on the face of the Earth, and boasts of an enormous 1.7 billion strong userbase. The company jumps on the bandwagon of all latest technologies and thus, it allows you to upload and share 360 photos and videos on its platform. Anyone can then interact with this 360 content natively within the news feed, but it is still not the perfect experience. Thus, Facebook is introducing minor feature updates that might make the process a tad bit easier and enjoyable.

Firstly, you will now have the option to set ‘initial view’ for a 360 video that you upload on the platform. This small but useful change will allow you to swap boring, uninteresting angles of the 360 photo for some angle that’ll intrigue people to click on your photo or video instead of scrolling right past it. This update has been welcomed on all major platforms, iOS, Android and the Web.

But, how does one set the initial angle for their 360 photos? Well, you can follow along any of these two methods to select and show-off your initial image.

1. Once you’ve uploaded a 360 photo that you’ll like to post on Facebook, then simply drag your photo around to the correct angle/frame before hitting upload.

2. This step could be called a work-around or an add-on to the step above. Once you’ve posted your 360 photo, you can click ‘Edit’ from the desktop and move the photo around as usual to set the correct frame that you desire to display first to your friends.

In addition, Facebook is now planning to transition 360 media from a gimmicky fun content to an ubiquitous experience which is very much alike normal photos and videos. In a bid to do so, Facebook will soon allow you to upload 360 media alongwith regular photos and videos all at once. You’ll now not only be able to upload 360 photos with other multimedia content but also save them to an album as well.

The ability to select an initial view is rolling out to all user today, while the album’s feature will be made available in the coming weeks.

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