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Samsung starts shipping fire-proof ‘Return Kits’ to recover defected Galaxy Note 7 devices

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After a long and tiring struggle of about eight weeks, Samsung yesterday announced that it is finally done with the Galaxy Note 7. The unfortunate series of events that started with explosion of original phones, continued with the replacement ones and tarnished the complete global image of the brand. Now, to prevent anymore Note 7s from going kaboom, the company has launched a safe and over-the-top recall programme.

For those customer who’d purchased their Galaxy Note 7s from the nearby carrier or retail store have the option of going out and exchanging the same for a full refund or a completely new phone. But, those who’ve ordered the large smartphone from Samsung’s website are stuck with the defected devices as courier companies deny to fly out an explosive device.

Thus, in a bid to reduce the consumers headache, Samsung is taking the matter into its own hands and sending out a set of thermally insulated fireproof boxes — three to be exact. As seen below, the folks over at XDA developers have already received their ‘Note 7 Return Kit’ and it comes with a buttload of stuff, including gloves to safely transit the phone back to the company.

So, to safely return the defected Note 7 back to Samsung, you’ll need to start off by powering off the smartphone and probably waiting a couple minutes to double-check that it isn’t fuming(yes! this is very important!). Then you’ll put it inside the anti-static bag provided in the return kit, which you need to seat inside the smallest cardboard box.

This cardboard box will then go inside another cardboard box, and this whole three-layer setup will then be safely placed inside the thermally insulated box lined with ceramic fiber. This lining is meant to keep any instances of potential fires(or explosions) under control. And Samsung has gone all out with this kit and included a pair of blue gloves, since some individuals might be sensitive to the ceramic fiber paper lining.

And there’s also a warning right on the biggest box, which states that the return kit isn’t allowed on planes and needs to be exclusively dispatched using on-ground transport. Samsung is currently working diligently with the CPSC to get to the root cause of the explosions and making sure a safe return of some of the defected devices. It could also be working withr retailers+carriers and providing them with similar return kits for the returned Galaxy Note 7s.

Though it has been speculated that the global recall of 2.5 million smartphones sold since the launch of the device was costing the company a heartbreaking billion dollars, but this packaging will supposedly set back Samsung quite a bit as well. The company is, however, not giving up on its ambitions so soon and has yesterday debuted a new tower-like cyndrical desktop computer called ‘Art PC Pulse’.

Here’s a screenshot of the full set of return instructions for the Galaxy Note 7:


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