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“The Startup Spell: The Sailors in the Storm” to focus on importance of founding team of a startup

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The spell to success of every initiative lies in its founding team members. The vision might be that of the founders but the institution of such a vision relies tirelessly on the team that contributes themselves towards realization of the many milestones essential for the Company’s pursuits. This team, or the “Sailors”, form an indispensable part of the Captain’s strides in conquering the turmoil that is a start-up.

The Startup Spell: The Sailors in the Storm is a way of paying tribute to these founding team members who, in resonating their beliefs, have reasoned the Captains to fare through the storm which instills deep within the formidability that is a start-up.

An initiative, no matter how big or small, starts its life as a dream buried six foot under the lands reigned for years by the conventional’s fashions and fiestas. But it’s for the graces that lie in the ignorance of realms of the conventional that the dormant journey to the opportune moment of such dream budding into a vision starts. It is, hereon, that a team the forms the indispensable essential to nurturing such sprout to a leaf until it’s first light and beyond. It is in these strides of the sprout that the Start-Up Spell is cast by the magic that is the team.

The event will witness sessions on –

Casting the Spell : Institution of an Idea – The Structuring and Refining of the idea to make it unique. Vision – How should you think or plan the future with imagination or wisdom? Market Research – Importance of research and acceptance of your idea in the market.  Team – How to make a team? Taking cognizance of perspective. Competition – Who is your competition? Why is it necessary to know about them?

Investors Perspective: Taxation, Rights and Responsibilities: What Investors look for in a startup before investing? Rights and Responsibilities that comes with investments. Corporate Structuring – Pvt. Ltd. vs. LLP and The Start-Up India Initiative & Taxation.

Importance and Institutionalization of Strategy: How crucial is strategy for any kind of startups? How can one devise strategy depending on product kind? What constitutes of strategy?

Things we know we don’t know: Lygometry for StartUps:  Timing – YouTube, Airbnb Inc., Things we know we don’t know- Lygometry & Reversopedia

Binding the Spell: Legalities & LegalSpell – How to Contract, E-Commerce: Policy and Perseverance, Budding Relations & Business, A Party called Procession – Launch of the Legal Spell-Cowork In Promotional Link.

By enabling businesses to operate with utmost efficiency, the founding team, which builds the company, do not remain mere employees, but form the building blocks of the company. Their offer valuable knowledge and gift of perspective is comparable to none and helps the company reach new heights.

In bringing about this initiative, legal spell wish to shine the spotlight on these significant members of the company, without whom, the ship cannot set sails, leave alone tussling with the ocean. These founding team members are the ones who go through the real storm and tackle high tides in the Company’s pursuit of success.

A Company’s success can’t be marked without the hard work put in by the founding team who complete the enterprise.


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