The mobile, PC as well as console gaming ecosystem in India is growing at an unconsiderable pace. And Flixy Games, a mobile game publishing startup, wants to be a part of the revolution and has, thus managed to snag around $425,000 in its seed funding round from Japan-based VC firm Redbright Partners.

Along with raising this funding round, the company has also announced the launch of its first game – Avatars Clash: Come on Mahaar. The game has been made in partnership with Japanese gaming studio Axelmark, the creators of the game.

For this game, Flixy Games will be handling the production, as well as run the game as a live service. It will also provide customer service, and incorporate monetization strategies which are suitable for the market.

Commenting on this, Felix Manojh, founder of Flixy Games, said,

High-quality games that also compliment the theme are growing lesser in number day by day. The bar is set very high on international games, but the same cannot be said for India. We wish to change that and focus on creating games that cater to a very unique aesthetic.

Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner of Rebright Partners, said,

There is tremendous potential in the Indian gaming industry. Felix and his team have a solid foundation in releasing world class games with their experience at Zynga and we are excited to back their vision.

The aforementioned story-rich RPG game ‘Avatars Clash’ is a multi-faceted adventure that will come packed with over 50 playable characters. You’ll need to take on enemies and upgrade your hero to defeat dragons, challenge raid bosses with your guild and work together to earn great rewards.


The company is also planning to soon launch a third person shooter game. However, no further details are available related to this upcoming game as of now. Apart from this, the company is also planning to launch four more games by next year.

Rebright Partners is a Singapore-Japan based venture capital firm. It is backed by publicly-listed Japanese internet companies and prominent angel investors. The firms focused areas include Internet and Mobile Software, in South East Asia and India region, for seed to early stage startups.


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