The Campus Connect is conducting the first of its kind Global Youth Leadership Conference 2016 (GYLC). GYLC is a congress of aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs which will be spearheaded by established entrepreneurs and well-known persons excelling in their respective fields. The two-day conclave will be held in Manesar on 24th and 25th September. The Campus Connect (TCC) is a growing youth leadership development platform that aims to bridge the gap between the youth and the corporate and promote entrepreneurship among young minds through way of providing live work experience.

The organisation operates in three domains namely:

  • Youth Connect Programs – to bridge the gap between college students and the corporates,
  • Workshops – Technical and Non-Technical Workshops in order to equip the young leaders with the required soft skills and knowledge,
  • Events – Youth-centric events and competitions in various colleges.

I am a firm believer that Entrepreneurship is India’s answer to boost the progress of the nation; a startup nation. When experienced leaders and entrepreneurs are put on a single platform and are given a chance to share their journey, it becomes the most inspiring and insightful experience for young delegates. The kind of value and knowledge that young changemakers and leaders of tomorrow can expect to get from this conference is huge.Nishant Sharma said on GYLC, Founder of The Campus Connect & Smartech Labs.

It aims to focus on the growth of an individual through a series of leadership sessions, thus providing the perfect environment needed for a budding visionary to prosper. It is an opportunity to integrate fun and frolic with engaging and thought-provoking activities that will leave one inspired and transformed thereby instilling leadership as an essential virtue in the participants. It will give an impetus to every individual’s personality development by making them a team player and a quick learner.

The Campus Connect aims to empower leaders and make this world a better place. They began their recruitment drive in mid-august and have already received 10,000+ applications from Delhi NCR itself and intend to move pan-India soon.


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