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The 100 million monthly active users strong music streaming service, Spotify announced on Friday a new service that will create a weekly playlist with music that you like. The playlist will be called Release Radar and it will be updated every Friday with music that suits your taste.

Just recently, we saw SoundCloud release Suggested Tracks that comes up with a list of songs you might like. And it seems like the logical course for Spotify to mirror this move. While Release Radar and Suggested Tracks might seem the same, they have one key difference. Suggested Tracks’ recommendations come with specific explanations, whereas Release Radar will not explicitly show you what triggered the tracks to be displayed to you.

Spotify’s service will automatically come up with up to two hours’ worth of songs based on artists you follow and listen to the most, sprinkled in with some new discoveries based on your recent listening habits.

With the huge amount of new music released every week, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest tracks,

says Matt Ogle, Senior Product Owner at Spotify.

With Release Radar, we wanted to create the simplest way for you to find all the newly released music that matters the most to you, in one playlist.

According to the company, the service will get better, the more you listen to music on it. You can access the list of songs across all of your platforms and devices, share it with friends or make it available offline, too. In fact, the service makes music discovery as easy as pushing the Play button. No more stalking your favorite artists, no more wasting time trying to find the perfect music, just get to Release Radar and listen to what your heart desires.

Release Radar is a new service that comes under your app’s Discover Weekly section. To access this, just head on to the New Releases For You heading in the app’s Discover section.

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