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In the frenzy of announcing its staggering second quarterly earnings call — that was full of better than expected revenues and sales figures — the team forgot to detail one of the most-exciting news that you’ll hear all week. But, if you’re still in surprise of yesterday’s positive developments, then you’d be more than happy to know that Cupertino has recently crossed the billion mark in iPhone sales.

YES!! No need to double-check, you heard me right — ”Apple has now sold more than 1 Billion iPhones wordwide”. The tech giant announced the same in an employee meeting organized yesterday in Cupertino. And the image above shows Tim Cook holding the billionth iPhone(you should now close your eyes, and commemorate the launch of the iPhone with Late Steve Jobs). A job well done!

Commenting on reaching such an important milestone, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple adds that,

Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone. We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day.

It took Cupertino nine years to reach this milestone since the iPhone debuted and created chaos among the masses. It was the first touch-enabled device, that imbibed style and functionality into this small package. But the once always climbing company might have reached a saturation level now, as it has been witnessing dwindling iPhone sales in the previous(& current) quarter.

The company has recently successfully launched the iPhone SE but it still hasn’t been able to account for the same figure in sales. One can obviously attribute this to the rise of brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and others — popular in emerging markets like India and China — who are offering premium quality hardware at affordable prices.

In the second quarterly earning call yesterday, the Company posted a quarterly revenue of $42.4 billion and quarterly net income of $7.8 billion, or $1.42 per diluted share.

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