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Cloud-service provider Amazon Web Services(AWS) has today announced that it is expanding the functionality of its Data Migration Service to make it easier for you to securely move your data to the cloud.

Amazon’s Data Migration Service(DMS) allows organizations to easily transfer their locally stored databases to Amazon’s cloud platform in just a matter of 10-15 minutes. The importance of this service lies in the fact that the company database remains operational, and experiences minimal downtime during the migration process.

But to better expedite the functionality of the Migration tool, the company is now adding support for continuous data replication to it. This feature will provide the consumers with an option to enable Multi-AZ functionality which provides a replication data stream that is totally fault-tolerant using redundant replication servers. The two functionalities — continuous replication and DMS — when combined result in an exponential growth in potential use cases for the data transfer.

Detailing the security features of the service, the blogpost adds that,

As part of AWS’ continued focus on security of information, DMS now supports SSL enabled endpoints for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MySQL, and MariaDB.

The service now adds support for cross-database migrations, including homogeneous migrations like Oracle to Oracle and heterogeneous migrations from Oracle to Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL etc. Thus, the service can now work with MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server databases seamlessly.


The Data Migration Service that was announced at Amazon Web Services’ 2015 re:Invent conference and launched for public use in March. Today’s release is accompanied by the introduction of the Schema Conversion Tool(SCT) that was announced at the conference. You no longer need to spend you precious time trying to convert your database while migrating from one service to another.

The SCT allows you to send data from Teradata data warehouses and Oracle databases into the AWS Redshift cloud data warehouse without any hassles. All the data that the tool isn’t able to convert is sent to a repository for manual conversion.

Amazon Web Services is now taking baby steps to add new features to its public cloud service and retain the top spot amongst competitors, including the like of Google, IBM and Microsoft. The company has recently also expanded into India setting up its first data center in Mumbai — in two availability zones.

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