Twitter had recently released a standalone ‘Dashboard‘ app to help small businesses and brands connect with their specific audience. And today, it seems that it is testing a couple new features to provide an improved customer support experience on the core platform.

It is pretty evident that the micro-blogging platform Twitter is rapidly changing under the leadership of co-founder Jack Dorsey. The company is taking cues from its arch-enemy Facebook and testing a message-responsiveness badge on select profiles, including Medium.twitter-screenshot

The feature is very much alike the message responsiveness badge shown on Facebook Pages. But instead of showing the minimum response time(and a response percentage), the Twitter badge shows the time period during which the brand is most-active on the platform. For example, as you can see on your right, Medium is most active between 12:30 and 5:30.

To expedite the business profiles, the company is also planning to add ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons to the same. If you don’t have the app installed on your smartphone, then it will prompt you to ‘Install’ it, else an ‘Open’ button is shown.

Twitter is also introducing certain changes to how a brands news feed is configured. The subtle changes to the design had first been spotted by me on 29th June, while trying out the newly released Dashboard app. But, I could only see the changes on the @dashboardapp account, so I tweeted out the discerning changes.

As seen in the screen-shot below, the company is also testing a ‘Featured Tab’ section to show the top latest tweets. Instead of showing just one featured tweet at the top of the profile page, the account owner now has the option to pin multiple tweets in this section.


In addition to this, Twitter is also breaking down the feed into three sections — Latest Tweets on the top, followed by the Media Gallery(in between the feed) and then the Featured Tweets. You can head over to IFTTTs Twitter profile to checkout the aforementioned changes.

As the features are not widely available on multiple business profiles, so it might actually mean that Twitter is running tests using these new features. Also there is no surety, whether any of the above features will make an appearance to all users in the near future.

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