The idea of coworking spaces revolves around the concept of leasing office infrastructure and resources to budding entrepreneurs, who are looking for an innovation-inspiring atmosphere. These common working spaces also act as the common ground for meeting like-minded people, thereby adding more value to each other.

To take the innovative culture a step ahead and help people network with each other,, Hubdhaka(from our dear neighboring country Bangladesh) and CoworkIn have partnered up to organize the first ever ‘Coworking India Conference‘. The Tech Portal is the digital media partner for this one-of-a-kind event, that is set to take place in Delhi, on September 9th and 10th.

The 2-day event will openly address the rise of coworking spaces in India, and its impact on the startup ecosystem, entrepreneurship, innovation and overall future of the workplace. Coworking workplaces are now playing an important part in creating a thriving startup ecosystem.

The conference will be graced by the presence of India’s innovative community enablers, including 91SpringBoard, T­Hub, Stirring Minds, Innov8, NASSCOM, Jaarvis Accelerator, BHive, among others.

In addition to giving you a chance to meetup with some awesome people, the conference speakers will keep you involved in storytelling sessions, and discussions. You’ll also have the chance to collaborate on new and exciting projects, attend co-­creation workshops, peer to peer learning and brainstorming sessions.

Coworking Scenario in India

When we talk about the number of freelancers operating in the country, India is the second in line after United States. India has an estimated 15 million active independent workers in the country. This makes it a perfect ground for a blossoming coworking industry.

Over half a million people working in coworking spaces are spread out over 7800 locations, including a couple hundred in India as well. But as the startup ecosystem in India attains maturity, the number of active coworking spaces is increasing rapidly.

Coworking will soon play a vital role in supporting the development of the ‘Startup Nation’ that is India. All aforementioned factors combined will directly contribute to the growth of digital business in India.

For more details on speakers and admission fee, visit Coworking India Conference’s website right here.

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