To lay more focus on cloud computing, Oracle has today announced that it is planning to setup five state-of-the-art Digital sales hubs throughout the Asia Pacific region, including one in India. Apart from the setup of digital hubs, the tech giant also plans to hire over 1,000 professionals(of which 20% will be from India) to keep pace with the growing demand for cloud computing.

Through the setup of its sales unit in the Asia-Pacific regions, Oracle aims to tackle mid-size organizations and offer them enterprise-grade cloud capabilities that are flexible, affordable and scalable over time. This will also make it easier for Oracle to enter a mid-market economy like India and help companies transition to the cloud quickly and seamlessly. Apart from India, Oracle will setting up ‘digital’ selling hubs in Australia, China, Korea and Singapore.

François Lançon, senior vice president, Oracle Asia Pacific says that,

The demand for cloud is rising fast. As a result, Oracle’s cloud business in Asia Pacific has been on an upswing. Today, Oracle supports many customers in the region with our vast cloud portfolio. We are going through an exhilarating phase of growth; the industry is going through a major transformation in the way IT is consumed.

Cloud is the future.

The digital team that will operate from these newly setup hubs will leverage modern sales tools, techniques and technologies. They will help transform the buying experience, provide elite customer service and deliver customized cloud solutions to the thriving startup community in these countries.

Oracle’s Cloud services have witnessed a bombastic growth in the changing startup scenario. The tech giant now wants to further bank upon the opportunity and strengthen their cloud business.

The combined forces of cloud, mobility and social are changing how customers want to buy and be catered to in today’s digital market place. To meet this growing demand we want a ‘quick action’ sales force that is digitally savvy and will leverage modern software tools to offer a seamless buying experience to our customers.

adds Shailender Kumar, managing director, Oracle India

Big Data and Cloud Computing go hand in hand. And since the startup ecosystem in India is piping hot, international giants see huge potential in India’s emerging organizations. Thus, Oracle plans to represent large and mid-size firms across industries including communications, insurance, e-commerce, media, financial services, healthcare, among others.

Oracle has already stepped into the Indian ecosystem by setting up a Accelerator in Bengaluru. The tech giant has also selected five Indian startups that will be a part of the cloud accelerator program. In addition to Oracle, New York based cloud-computing firm ‘Digital Ocean’ has also unveiled its first data center in India. This will allow developers to store and access their applications from the cloud in a far more secure and fast manner.

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