California-based leading digital marketing and advertising platform Jivox(with its R&D center in Bengaluru) has today announced that it has raised an astounding sum of $6 million from You & Mr Jones, the world’s first ‘BrandTech’ group and its founder David Jones, the former global CEO of advertising conglomerate Havas.

You and Mr Jones will now be a part of the advertising company’s board of directors. Jivox plans to learn from the senior management team under the ex-Havas CEO, who will play a hands-on role in guiding the company into the next phase of its growth.

In addition to You & Mr Jones, existing investors Fortisure Ventures and Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney also participated in the current financing round.

Now, you know the basic details of the fund-raising deal. But, you must be racking your brains to know what’s a ‘BrandTech’ group?

Well, simply put – IT BUILD BRANDS USING TECHNOLOGY. Technology is now a building block for all businesses and makes the brand-building process faster and cheaper. Using technology, you can now create, produce, share content and target audiences based on your content.

Jivox, who is now backed by the infused capital and the guidance of the expanded board, plans to double the strength of its development team in the near future.The company will invest capital in growing sales and marketing globally as well as continuing to invest in its market-leading platform.

The company pins its impressive growth to the need for a personalized user targeting method in marketing, which if not exploited in the future will make brands falter.

Commenting on the funding, Naren Nachiappan, Co founder & Managing Director India of Jivox says that,

We view this strategic investment by one of today’s frontrunners in digital marketing as strong testament to the strength of Jivox’s Bangalore-based R&D team — and clear evidence of their success in developing the world’s most state-of-the art platform for personalized digital advertising. 

The Jivox IQ platform features the very best innovations in Big Data architectures and machine-learning algorithms, and delivers industry-leading analytics and optimization capabilities.

Jivox was founded in 2007 with the aim to enable world’s most successful brands and media companies to deliver sophisticated, highly personalized digital marketing and advertising campaigns to its users. The data-driven outcomes are transforming how brands now communicate with consumers.

Utilizing its robust content management system, technology for dynamically assembling creative in real time and advanced machine-learning algorithms to analyze and optimize campaigns, Jivox has been credited with reinventing the market for personalized dynamic creative.

David Jones, founder and CEO of You & Mr Jones believes that people don’t hate branded content, but are sick of seeing ads and messages from brands that they aren’t interested in. Hence, ad blockers are becoming more prevalent among users.

Jones thinks Jivox’s data-driven capabilities has a solution for the aforementioned problem and further adds that,

Jivox solves this issue for brands by combining data and technology to deliver tens of thousands of different versions of highly personalized, relevant ads that are based upon what people are actually interested in. 

We think the programmatic creative space has a huge future. Jivox is a very exciting company, both in terms of what its technology offers and its proven ability to deliver for brands.

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