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Lynx Analytics, a tech start-up raised just under $10 million from an undisclosed ‘strategic investor’. The start-up provides measurable outcomes powered by a scalable big data platform, graph analysis and campus execution using these tools. The investor valued Lynx at $66 million, which qualifies it as one of the highest valued start-ups raising their first round of investment in the country.

Lynx has declined various other investment or acquisition offers in the past. They have had 50-60% annual business growth and healthy profits and hence managed to grow without funding, mentioned the startup in their press release. Hence, they accepted this particular investment offer, as they believe this is the right time to accelerate product development activities, strengthen their commercial position in Asia, and position themselves for global business expansion. They currently work with clients in Singapore and across the region.

Lynx believes this is not just great for the company but yet another important milestone for the ecosystem as a whole and is more than keen to provide something back to the community. The startup started out in 2010, when a group of professors and students met at INSEAD and decided to form a consulting company with a focus on big graph methodologies. It is working mainly with telecommunications and financial services companies and the work entails end-to-end deliverables, from defining the pain point, analyzing and integrating client data, to leading the optimization of work flows and field execution.

Lynx focussed on the Telecom, Mobile Advertising, Financial Services, and Fintech industries over the last few years to develop the technology and to test it at real data scale. Simultaneously, they continued to work with the aim of solving new complex problems with support from its academic roots and its network in Silicon Valley and the US East Coast.

The startup looks forward to solve real problems in new businesses and verticals, and developing a next-generation graph analytics platform in partnership with their clients.

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