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Synergyse — A Startup Specific To Google Apps Training, Gets Acquired By Google

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Google announced yesterday, that it has acquired Synergyse, a Toronto-based startup that offers a training service specifically for Google Apps. The company added that it will integrate Synergize Training, which is a Chrome extension, into Google Apps “later this year”.

Founded in 2013 by former Googlers Varun Malhotra and Majid Manzarpour, Synergyse had the sole aim of providing training solutions for the Google Apps product suite (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites). The company’s services are used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide with a total of 4 million users.

Currently, the GApps services are utilized by more than 2 million paying businesses. Google wants these numbers to go up, and the company believes that today’s acquisition will help achieve this.

Google says that it wanted an elegant way to scale their training offerings to their customers and their customers’ users and with Synergyse, this aim seems more plausible. The service acts as a virtual coach based on Google Cloud Platform with voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within individual apps. This will allow users to learn more and better about apps and keep them up to speed as it’s based on the cloud.

But this is not what compelled Google to take over Synergyse alone. According to the tech giant, organizations that use Synergyse see on average 35 percent higher adoption across Apps products. Now those are numbers Google can’t leave unseen.

Here’s what the company wishes the future of Synergyse be:

Given the enthusiasm that exists for Synergyse already, we want to extend this service to all of our customers. That is why we’re happy to announce Synergyse will be joining Google, and we intend to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year. In the meantime, existing customers will continue to have access, and new customers will be able to download the Chrome extension for free while the integration is underway.

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