Spotify users have started reporting that their accounts have been hacked and that their credentials have been changed. Reports from victims started rolling in since last week, but Spotify hasn’t yet acknowledged it. Instead the digital music service says that it “has not been hacked” and its “user records are secure.”

The service has seen a number of security breaches in the past and has successfully dealt with them. This new transgression, though, seems to have taken to a whole new level. Users are reporting that they became aware of the hack in a number of different ways. Some say that they saw their playlists deleted, others reported replaced music, yet others said they had seen new tracks stacking in their ‘recently played’ lists, some even said that they were kicked out of their accounts in the middle of a stream.

Any trial to log back into their accounts showed them that their email addresses had been changed. Several users had to contact Spotify customer service to get their account access restored.

Not just this, Pastebin, on the 23rd of this month, seems to have gotten a full set of Spotify credentials of hundreds of users from around the globe.

The source of the hack (if it is one), as of yet, is unknown. But strangely, the hackers aren’t collecting and re-selling the credentials to make profits like other hacks. Instead, they are they are just using the accounts to listen to actual music.

Another important fact is that as many people reuse their passwords in most of their social networks, these hackers have used the leaked credentials to gain access to the victims’ Facebook, Uber, Skype, email and even their bank accounts.

Spotify, as of now, might still be processing the whole development. Though, official word is that it hasn’t been hacked.

We’ll keep you updated about anything new in this story, so stay tuned!

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