With the dawn of the Virtual Reality era, every company, be it the Facebook-owned Oculus who first introduced the technology to the masses, or LG, who are trying to minimize the size and weight of the VR headsets, everybody is eyeing to hit that sweet spot in this developing market.

But, what’s important to notice in today’s scenario is that applications of VR headsets have been limited to Gaming and Media consumption. That might just change though.

Beleaguered Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer HTC could be the first VR Headset manufacturer, who has decided to take the road-less taken and develop applications for business and Governments, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the French software company that develops 3D-design softwares and technologies.

Chairwoman and CEO of HTC Corp, Cher Wang obviously seemed delighted to announce the partnership with Dassault Systèmes, and use the HTC Vive platform (released last year) alongside the 3D-Experience platform that has been designed by the team at Dassault.

In an official press release, Cher Wang said that,

Virtual reality is a truly disruptive technology in business as well as our lives, and Dassault Systèmes is leading the way in demonstrating how VR can help organizations transform their business, enhancing their products and services or creating completely new offerings.

Among all the VR Headsets currently available in the market, HTC Vive is dubbed to be the Best VR headset in terms of comfortability and features. The presence of spatial recognition software and the collection of sensors on the headset, offer a full room-scale experience. And when this technology will be clubbed with the 3D-EXPERIENCE platform, the applications will come to life, delivering a fully-immersive 3D experience in a highly accessible format that enables its customers to easily envisage potential solutions.

HTC and Dassault Systèmes will utilize the power of HTC Vive to demonstrate world-class applications for business and governments at several upcoming global events. They would focus on four key megatrends : design, science, manufacturing and marketing.

We are in the age of the experience economy, which means that innovation must be driven by the value of experiences

said Bernard Charlès, President & CEO, Dassault Systèmes, who thinks that this partnership will help realize the power of VR, and provide a consistent real-world experience like none other.

But the important question to ask here would be, whether Governments authorities and their businesses partners be interested in developing virtual 3D prototypes and softwares to simulate and visualize their projects in a virtual 3D environment.

With Mark and team working on connecting more people with an affordable Virtual Reality headset, HTC had to pick a niche and foray into the Enterprise world, the only step left is to determine the success of this new partnership.

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