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Google has started trials for a new feature into its search engine that allowed US Presidential candidates to post live updates onto their search results.  Google is now expanding this feature to businesses and celebrities, the company announced.

In line with the forth coming US Presidential elections, the feature was Google’s way to bridging the interaction between the people and the candidates. Owing to the low voting turn out in the past, Google’s new feature could propel people to vote, by knowing the candidates and their policies.

Now businesses and celebrities, who have much to update about, will look to utilise this feature as a way of self-promotion. The feature also serves as a live communication tool that keeps the public engaged and informed.

In order to post live into Search, the presidential candidates and now businesses and celebrities need to post through an official account. The post will then appear on the Search list in the form of Google Now cards. Post that comprise of text, images and videos can be posted live into the results.

Creating content is fast and simple, and once published, posts will appear instantly in search results related to the candidate. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks, amplifying the message even further,

Google stated.

In the future if Google allows the general population access to this feature, in case of calamities, it could prove highly beneficial. If this does happen, any individual could post directly to their own search results page.


Image : ZDNet

Google clarified that it will not charge for using this feature. This will encourage independent candidates, small businesses and upcoming artists to leverage their policies, ideas and craft to a global audience.

Google started developing the technology required to implement this feature before the race to the US Presidential elections kick started. No sooner than it was introduced, prospective candidates began posting live updates into their search results. The posts included topics of debate, policies and their views on controversial issues such as gun control and immigration laws.

This feature will of course prove a hot bait for advertisers who will intern like to their leverage their pages and products. This will bring more money to Google, and could be one of the reasons why the feature comes without a price tag.

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