Microsoft announced on Thursday via a blog post that it has started rolling out the cloud storage service, Dropbox, as a universal app for Windows 10. The app is a result of a collaboration between the two tech giants. It is available as a free download to all customers on the Windows Store.

The partnership between Dropbox and Microsoft has enabled more than 17 million people to utilize the cloud service and get their work done. Windows 10 currently runs on more than 200 million devices according to Microsoft, so the app might result in a significant increase in the usage of the service.

The new app has been optimized for tablets and will begin rolling out in the Windows Store in the coming days, according to the software giant.

The new Windows 10 app adds new features to the already abundant services set of Dropbox. Previously, using the web portal or the app on other operating systems, you could view or edit your files on any device, anytime and anywhere, privately share files of any size with anyone and back up your work automatically. The new Windows 10 app adds new features like Windows Hello, Live Tiles and Notifications.

According to the Redmond giant, the app has been enhanced for better performance on Windows 10. It also brings in Windows Hello, a security feature which will use either your face, fingerprint or iris to unlock Dropbox instead of a mnemonic password. Jump click is also a newly added feature which will allow you to quickly access recent files by right-clicking on the Dropbox app icon in your taskbar.

You also get push notifications about shared folders and files without you having to open the application. Dropbox for Windows 10 also utilizes one of the best features of the operating system which is quick search. This feature enables you to start your search by just typing in your query anywhere without clicking on a search button.

Drag and drop has also been added. This feature isn’t just limited inside the app to move or copy, you can also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to perform these tasks. You also get to add comments on your files and share discussions by using @mentions.

According to both Dropbox and Microsoft, a Windows 10 mobile app is in the making and it will be out soon.

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