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Windows OS Gains Momentum In Tablets, Microsoft To Ship Nearly 49 Million Devices By 2019 : Report

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At a time when the tablet market is dealing with instability, budget tablets running Windows OS are reportedly outperforming the iPad and the more popular Android tablets. At least thats what a report by Strategy Analytics suggests.

In a lengthy report compiled by Strategy Analytics Inc., the number of Windows Tablets to be shipped will reach 49 million units by 2019, which is a staggering 120 percent increase from the number of windows tablets shipped annually at present.

The analytics firm adds that the number of Windows tablet shipped in the first nine months of 2015 increased by 58 percent. The firm predicts that close to the end of this year, when the stores give out massive discounts on products owing to the Christmas and New Year holiday season, the flood of Windows tablets into the market will reach 22 million units shipped for 2015. This makes Windows tablets a 10 percent market share holder.

Microsoft’s biggest competitors, Google and Apple will benefit largely due to the Black Friday deals even amidst a rather surplus of Windows tablets. During the Black Friday deals, stores slash prices of iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and LG G Pads by $100, propelling buyers to opt for these devices instead.

Apple’s latest launch, the iPad Pro might still benefit to a large extent from the holiday season, even though the device continues to deal with an array of hardware-related troubles. Apple is still working on a solution to the iPad Pro’s charging problem which renders the device inactive while it’s being charged. This could be the only deterrent that might favour Windows tablets as we approach the much awaited time of the year. The iPad Pro might still be favoured by the artists, and high end users as the device is made to run professional softwares on the go.

However, with its Surface lineup starting to reap benefits, and the Surface Pro 4 receiving critical acclaim, it might just be that picking time for Microsoft’s beleaguered devices segment, which has been marred by losses from both the Nokia devices purchase as well as its own Surface failures in the past.

Surface Pro 4, announced in June this year, is the thinnest and the most lightest Intel core PC in its segment.

While cosmetically, you might see a lot of changes on the latest integration of the Surface, it’s what’s inside that actually matters for most people. The new Surface is significantly thinner and lighter than its predecessor and also takes the performance bar to the next level.

The device has been built over an Intel Skylake processor which is in fact a 6th-gen processor from the manufacturer. The device also boosts 16 GB of memory for your multitasking and can go way up to 1 TB of internal storage.

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