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To prevent internal theft and such menaces, Apple for a long time now, has been adopting the policy of employee bag checking. This might seem alright from the Cupertino’s perspective but according to more than 12,000 current and former employees, who were hourly paid, non-exempt workers, the practice is demeaning and makes them feel like criminals.

These employees of the tech giant had filed a lawsuit against Apple but unfortunately for them, Apple has won the case.

Plaintiffs Amanda Friekin and Dean Pelle stated that the company was very strict regarding these searches and would check an employee even if they left the premises for lunch. The policy is said to have been in practice since July 2009 in one of Apple’s California retail stores.

It’s understandable that Apple kept this policy in practice to prevent any of its employees walking out with devices from the store. The court said that the while Apple does “restrain the employee’s action during the activity in question,” the searches aren’t mandatory and employees do not need to bring bags into the store.

These claims, findings etc ultimately resulted in Apple winning the lawsuit which was judged by US District Judge William Alsup.


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