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Google Launches Asus OnHub Router With Wave Control For Wi-Fi Speed Burst

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Two months ago, Google had brought in a new Wi-Fi router into the market under the name OnHub. The tech giant had teamed up with TP-Link to get the most out of its concept to solve many of the issues with traditional Wi-Fi routers.

Today, the company has announced a newer variant of the OnHub with a few major improvements. Another thing of note is that this new hardware has been made in partnership with the electronics giant Asus.

While the device may seem the same as its predecessor at first glance, it has a few new tricks up its sleeve. The new Asus OnHub comes in with Wave Control, a new gesture control feature which allows the user to control the bandwidth share of your Wi-fi throughout the regions of your house. Just wave your hand over the OnHub to set where the Wi-Fi should provide maximum speed and where you do not need much coverage.

Google has also stated that all of its OnHub devices will be getting their first software updates in the next week. The update will apparently bring in better security and stability along with a smart antenna algorithm that’ll better select the “best combination of antennas to direct Wi-Fi to your devices, based on their location and orientation”. The updates will roll in automatically without the user doing any extra work, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about it.

The new OnHub is currently available only in the US and you can pre-order it if you are ready to shed $219.99. For $20 less, you could get the older TP-Link variant too, if you’re living in the US or Canada.

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