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With the latest version of Chrome for the PC, Google is adding a feature that allows users to mute individual webpages by right clicking on the tab.  The feature known as ‘Mute Tab’, though was available as an extension, it wasn’t built into the web browser like it has been now.

If two web pages are simultaneously playing a video, users had to either pause or mute a video. With this feature all you have to do is right click on the tab and select Mute tab, without having to switch to the webpage.

The feature comes handy to silence webpages that start playing videos on their own. Though the feature has been around since Chrome 32, it’s with Chrome 46 that it has really become prominent.  The new version has also seen the deletion of “OK Google” hotword voice search from the desktop version as it was no longer popular with the users.

Not wishing to be left far behind, Chrome’s close neck competitor Mozilla has rolled out a mute feature of its own. The browser through Firefox 42 beta version allows users to Mute tab by clicking on a speaker icon. Firefox now displays a speaker icon whenever a video is playing on a webpage. Once the users click on the icon.

There are other ways to mute tabs on Chrome apart from using add-ons and extensions. One way is type chrome: //flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into Chrome’s address bar. The flags option that has been there for a while now, and surprisingly hasn’t been taken off in the latest version as well.


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