Meet Pixel C, Google’s latest offering into the world of tablets unveiled earlier today at the Nexus Event by Sundar Pichai — which in its design form — will absolutely make you remember Surface.

With an 10.2-inch screen, an Android Marshmallow for an OS and a detachable keyboard, which Google claims is designed to mimic keyboards on PC’s by reducing the bane that comes with typing on tablets, Pixcel C is Google’s top contender to take on the likes of iPad Pro and Surface.

One of its prominent features, the keyboard, however, is an optional feature and does not come with the device itself. The Bluetooth Keyboard has to be purchased at a cost of $149, if you wish to dock it into your tablet while typing. A noteworthy quirk of the keyboard is that it charges while closed with the tablet, saving the hassle of charging it separately.

Like with the Chromebook Pixel, users can share charge with their Nexus Phones through the USB Type-C connector incorporated into Pixel C The hardware lacks a kickstand and Google has designed it to be agile with an adjustable range from 100 to 135 degrees.

Pixcel C also happens to be Google’s first device that has been designed in-house from scratch. Specifications wise, Pixel C is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 with total RAM of 3 GB and will be available at the standard 32 and 64 GB variant.

Though Google has remained mum on the exact launch date and price of the device, it is speculated that it’s launch is scheduled for the end of this year with a price tag of around $500. In terms of the overall design of the device, it shares a striking similarity with the Microsoft Surface and will be competing with the tablet along with the iPad Pro.

“We’re expanding the Pixel family by introducing the first Android tablet built end-to-end by Google. The Pixel C brings together the benefits of a full-size keyboard with the portability of a tablet. The tablet and keyboard attach magnetically (no docking mechanism FTW), so it’s easy to switch between typing and using the touch screen.

And if you’re familiar with the Chromebook Pixel, you’ll immediately see the family resemblance: the Pixel C has the same beautiful aluminum design, great display and USB Type-C port. The Pixel C will be available in time for the holidays on the Google Store.”


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