Millions of users around the globe are experiencing a glitch while logging into and using the world’s most popular video chat service Skype.

Microsoft owned Skype is yet to rectify the problem and has stated in a blog post that its engineers are working on finding a solution.  Users residing in Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand and a few other regions are facing the problem since today.

The undiagnosed bug has made sure that the users online contacts are shown as offline on Skype, thereby affecting the users ability to initiate a chat with their friends and family. It has also affected the users ability to change status as well.

The hassle made it to the social networking site, Twitter and is trending as of now.

The whole functionality of Skype is down out-cold by the bug, which seems to have affected ever aspect related to the platform. Even details related to the users profile  and credit balance are also not visible and any changes remained static without getting updated into the users account.

The company has clarified that it will soon release an update to fix the issue. We’ll keep you updated on the same. Until then, our advise to you would be, to just ‘hangout’ with your loved ones.


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