After becoming the first major game publisher to announce the inclusion of 12 national women’s soccer teams into a major gaming franchise, EA Sports has today released a new cover to its upcoming FIFA 16 title, which features Women Players alongside Messi, a place traditionally occupied by the latter alone.

This may however not be a surprise, considering that EA had already announced the inclusion one more regionally favourite player along with Messi (pardon EA’s poor photoshop skills please) on the covers of FIFA 16 in different locations.

Thus, as of now, three regional players for US, Canada and Australia respectively have been revealed. US buyers will see Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan running alongside Messi; in Canada, Morgan will be replaced by local favorite Christine Sinclair and Stephanie Catley will share the cover space with Messi in Australia.

While the three women mentioned play for their respective countries, they play professionally for the Portland Thorns club.


Talking to USA Today about her cover appearance, US Women Football star Alex Morgan says,

It’s a really great honor to be on the cover of the game. It’s something I played, and my husband played in college. It’s going to tremendously help the women’s game in creating more awareness.

Morgan will also feature on the simulation gameplay video which FIFA plays off in the beginning, and for advertising purposes. Similarly, Sinclair and Catley will take up Morgan’s position in Canda and Australia respectively.

FIFA 16 launches September 22, and will feature 12 national women’s teams — Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.

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