Apple’s iMessage is currently experiencing (via 9to5 Macan extended widespread outage. A large number of iPhone, iPad and Mac owners have encountered problems using the iMessage Internet-based messaging system. The reason for the downtime has not yet been divulged, and there is nothing from Apple on the same.

As of now users have been left in the dark as Apple’s support page hasn’t indicated any such issues so far, but Twitter users have been reporting issues sending and getting their messages delivered. Other users have complained of unusual message sending time and a few of them have reported they’re unable to share media.

As with most technical glitches, this issue too seems to have been fixed by a simple restart of iDevice or even switching iMessage off and on works as well.

If the Twitter rage is anything to go by, a lot of users are angry out there by the outage and Apple’s non-responsiveness so far. While it’s forgivable to have small outages here and there, a company as big as Apple shouldn’t be letting its users down on such a wide scale.

iMessage in particular has been troublesome since the very beginning with iOS 5. Thankfully, iCloud and other Apple cloud-based services seem to working fine at this point.


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