Amazon has today announced the successor to its best-selling Kindle, a new, majorly improved, 300 DPI and still costing $119 Kindle Paperwhite.

And whatI’ve got mention again, is the amazingly crisp 300 DPI screen, which can easily rival any high end smartphone of this age. Not only this, we also get a new advanced typesetting engine as well as Amazon’s new proprietary font which, in Amazon’s own words, is “hand-crafted” for optimal on-screen reading.

The new resolution of Amazon’s best e-book reader till date, is almost double the resolution of its predecessor and should make text crisp, clear and much easier to read.

The new font is designed to make reading on a digital display easier and a much less strain to the eyes, regardless of the size. The font was named Bookerly and will also be available for older Amazon Ebook readers via an update later this year. It has been stated by the company that the font works best on its new display and will make reading a pleasure for all. bookerly-sample-tp

What else is left? Oh yes, the new typesetting.

Amazon has tried to make reading on the digital tablet feel more like reading an actual book. The new engine will now be able to hyphenate to keep layout edges sharper. We can see that in the new kerning which automatically adjusts character spacing to remove distracting whitespace.

Working towards progress, the company says that the page layout has also been widely improved and any customization you would like to make to the indent, margins etc can be done quite easily, to make reading on the slate a much better experience for you.

If you want to get one of these new Kindle, you won’t to have to wait long as pre-orders start today and the first shipping will be done starting June 30th. The cost of the new Kindle device has luckily been left unchanged. You can get the Ebook reader at the same old $119 around the world (including India).


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