In what could clearly be one of the biggest acquisitions in technology journalism domain, Vox Media, the parent company behind numerous prominent digital properties like The Verge and SB Nation, has agreed to acquire NBCUniversal backed Revere Digital, the owner of one of the most respected tech news website globally, <Re/Code>.

The announcement was made by <Re/Code> writers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, both of whom were the founding members of the 18 month old news website. <Re/Code> distinguishes itself from the rest in this highly glutted space, by focussing towards the business aspect of tech and reporting the same.

Apart from operating <Re/Code> website, Revere Digital also organises numerous conferences, most notable of them being the Code Conference. This announcement was made during that very event.

Announcing the acquisition, Mossberg and Swisher said,

We are thrilled to announce that Re/code’s parent company, Revere Digital, is being wholly acquired by the highly respected digital-native media company Vox Media. This is the next big step in our mission to bring you quality tech journalism, because our work will now be amplified and enhanced by Vox Media’s deep and broad skill set.

Vox Media on the other hand, owns and operates some of the hottest digital media properties around, which includes critically acclaimed The Verge and SB Nation among others. Vox has largely been appreciated for its self-developed, customised CMS platform named Chorus, something which <Re/Code> will soon start taking leverage of.

However, <Re/Code> made it clear, that the brand will continue to operate in its own editorial independence, with plans to “collaborate where appropriate” with The Verge. <Re/Code> writers further explain, that even though The Verge and <Re/Code> overlap sometimes, they still are completely different in the reporting style. Explaining the same, Mossberg and Swisher said,

We (ReCode) have focused on the business of tech, while The Verge has focused on covering tech from a lifestyle perspective.

Re/code will benefit from Vox Media’s infrastructure and resources, and will eventually move on to Chorus, Vox Media’s proprietary platform. The current members of Re/code’s staff will soon be employees of Vox Media.


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