And just when you thought that Microsoft is actually undergoing a radical shift from being a Windows-obsessed company to a more cross-platform one, the Redmond giant made sure you don’t go too far on that thought-process. The new Windows browser, Edge is only coming for Windows 10 platform as of now.

Microsoft confirmed today, that its Edge browser, earlier named project Spartan, will only ship for Windows 10 with no immediate plans to release on other platforms.

And yes, this definitely sounds odd. Why ? Well, we have been seeing an aggressive push from Microsoft towards building a more cross-platform app environment. In fact, the software giant went ahead to release its prestigious Office Apps on both Android and iOS.

Microsoft is actually walking on a double-edged sword here. While it wants to project itself as a software company which has come of age and is trying to modernise with cross-platform strategies, it also “has to” bring Windows back to its platform glory days.

However, as simple as it sounds, this strategy to not ship Edge on other platforms will signal two things. One, on a positive note, is the fact that other platforms like OS X on desktops don’t really have a significant share in the platform market and would thus not affect Edge’s usage. However, on a negative note, Microsoft may well signal developers the fact, that the company itself isn’t sure how it wishes to pursue its cross-platform approach.


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