Legal troubles continue to haunt Uber, as the U.S.-based service has suspended its Uber X service in South Korea. The decision has been taken after discussions with Government of South Korea.

However, the company will continue to offer its Uber Black service in the country. In December last year, it was charged with violation of transportation laws in South Korea, thus the decision. Uber has clashed with Korean Officials on several other fronts in the past.

In a statement, the company said,

Effective today, we are suspending uberX, our ridesharing platform, and operate UberBLACK as prescribed by current law. This decision was made as part of a proposal to the Taxi Industry.

Uber further added, that due to the “leadership and courage” of the Transport Division, many divergent views have been refocused, and united into a singular path forward. This has resulted in the proposals being discussed with the Taxi Industry.

Uber is still finding a way, “a compromise” in Korea through which they can re-start the UberX service in the country. As a part of that push, the company had also offered free rides on UberX service. The company is known for its aggressive marketing tactics, and we’ve tasted the same quite a lot of times in India.

Although the company scaled up its operations in more than 200 cities worldwide in 2014, legal troubles have continued to haunt the service, with the most unfortunate being the rape of a female passenger by one of the driver of Uber in the capital city of India.

Ever since, Uber has been releasing a slew of safety measures, including a partnership with First Advantage for stringent background checks of drives.


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