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Remember all the buzz around Meerkat this week ? . Well, it looks like Twitter has taken that buzz rather seriously. TechCrunch reports that numerous sources have now confirmed that the micro-blogging site is in talks with Periscope, a live streaming app still in private Beta, and compared by its selected group of users to Meerkat

TechCrunch says that sources have indicated towards a $100 Million deal, though the talks are still in early stages. A different source has completely contradicted the figure, saying the deal is only a fraction of what is being speculated.

While Meerkat and Periscope are working on same principles, Perisocpe seems to be a more refined version of what Meerkat is doing. In functionality though, both are similar. In periscope too, you can start a live video session right away, broadcast it from any place to allow any number of people watch that.

So why acquire a live-streaming startup ? Well, it pretty much falls in-line with Twitter’s “Always Live” philosophy. They keep on touting the fact (which is in fact true) that Twitter is all about “real-time” updates, coming in Live simultaneously. Well, acquiring a live-streaming app makes pretty much sense.

Moreover, if Twitter does go through this acquisition, it will be a clever move too. Acquiring an app which is still in Private Beta will save the micro-blogging site a lot of resources. And that must be in mind, considering Twitter declining user-growth and not-so-much ad revenue.

We have contacted Twitter and Periscope regarding the story, and will update the same once we receive a response.


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