Well, it’s been a few days that we haven’t witnessed another notorious deed by Lizard Squad. The hacker group is back into action and has yet again knocked down the Xbox live portal. 

It appears that the hacker group has made Xbox live portal as their favourite picnic spot and here’s another soft visit by them (Microsoft must have gotten used to it now).

Last Christmas, Lizard Squad dumbfounded Sony as well as Microsoft by it’s usual distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The attacks disrupted online services for thousands of new PS4 and Xbox One owners and indeed spread a deadly havoc.

The notorious hacker group had been quiet for some time, but on Friday, Daybreak Games (earlier known as Sony Online Entertainment), reported that it’s servers were under attack as some of it’s popular games like ‘zombie survival adventure H1Z1’ suffered connection issues. Soon the news was followed by a tweet from Lizard Squad, “H1Z1 #offline”.

Lizard Squad planted a warning to Microsoft today via a tweet and breached Xbox live security at around 4 am(GMT). “Xbox (360) Live #offline” was the tweet by Lizard Squad that confirmed the attack. Microsoft hasn’t commented on the disruption of it’s online services yet. The outrage well expressed by its users though. The users were unable to access their friend lists. Microsoft’s support page has issued a warning saying that the Xbox Live access is limited. The outage lasted for about three hours and the issue seems to be resolved for now.

Lizard Squad has a colorful history of knocking down Microsoft and Sony services. The group gained attention when they hacked the PlayStation Network with a DDoS attack. Furthermore, the hacker group breached into Malaysian Airlines systems and stole much of the information. In January, UK police arrested two men in connection with the Lizard Squad attacks last December.

The latest tweet on Lizard Squad’s account read , “brb. More to come, it’s about time to re-ignite lizard squad.” That sounds a warning.

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