Just days after Google reported a decrease in their earnings due to declining ad revenues, there is more pain for the search giant, and that too, in its core search department. Google’s U.S. searches excluding Mobile have shown a decline and they are below 75% this quarter, while Yahoo reported a steady growth riding on Firefox’s growing userbase.

Yahoo’s quarterly stats are out and it looks like they are taking away the share of searches across U.S. that Google has lost. It is the first time since July 2008 that Google’s searches share has gone below 75%, while Yahoo has taken over the throne from Bing to become the second largest search engine in the U.S. (if consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones are taken into account).

Yahoo controls around 28% of searches now while it accounted for only about 10% in November last year. This shows how impactful Yahoo’s last year deal with Firefox has been. Mozilla made Yahoo, the default search engine for its browser leading to a tripled amount of searches for Yahoo last quarter. Google, on the other hand has about 64% of the searches’ share, excluding the mobile searches.

It is obvious that Google is still leading among all the search engines but Yahoo is supposed to make some technological changes as it reaches at the halfway point of it’s contract with Microsoft. It’s interesting to know that Google has had the monopoly due Apple’s Safari browser for a long time now. Their contract expires this year. Yahoo will probably make a move to gain the share of searches that Apple provides but only time will tell if Apple and Google decide to go on different paths.

Now, if we include the mobile search results too, Google stays firm at a 78% of the share which is more than enough to show their supremacy. This should be noted that their share was 79.9% in November, hence there’s a dip, however small it may seem.

If we consider searches only from desktop, consoles and tablets, Google’s share again comes below 75% while Yahoo’s and Bing’s share are bumped up. Here, Bing grabs the second position while Yahoo comes in at third.


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