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Remember those grunt looks you gave to the guy whose cellphone starts ringing in the middle of your movieshow ? Well, no more looks. Microsoft has now patented an “inconspicuous mode”, wherein your phone adjusts its profilesettings as per the ambience you are sitting in

Microsoft is planning to introduce the inconspicuous mode in upcoming Lumia models. The “inconspicuous mode” automatically adjusts screen brightness, phone sound, lock screen information and some other things that finally make our handsets less annoying.

The patent granted on 13th January, uses a trigger to activate with an alternate option to activate the mode manually. These triggers can be anything like GPS, NFC or Wi-Fi MAc addresses. It’s interestimg to note that the application introducing this mode could activate it via your calendar information or browsing history too. Say, if you bought a movie ticket using your browser or have an event scheduled for a specific date, the inconspicuous mode will be activated as scheduled.

The screen brightness adjustment will let users see their messages and time without getting peeks and glances from adjacent seats. The mode will exit itself after the scheduled activity is done or there will be an option to exit it manually.

Microsoft had filed for this patent in 2013 which has now been granted.


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