The Ok-Google hot word has already been quite a success on Android Smartphones. As a result, Google is now bringing the same to Chromebooks. “Ok-Google” is a feature which brings the functionality to make searches on device without physically interacting with device.

Google has already launched this feature on android phones which lets user to search through voice command “Ok, Google”. In the Chromebook version, the ‘OK Google’ works as An ‘Always On’ feature which is similar to ‘Ok Google’ feature provided in Moto X devices which lets you use the command even when your device is not asleep.

Chrome OS users using ‘Dev Channel’ of the OS can take advantage of this feature by typing chrome://flags/ in the Chrome address bar. You then need to toggle the enable-hotword-hardware flag or you can also enable it by heading over to settings menu and enabling the “Enable OK Google To Start A Voice Search”.

The device needs a restart once you perform this operation. Chromebooks come with ‘Stable Channel’ as default but you can change it to ‘Dev Channel’ through the Chromebook settings menu.

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