facebooksearchAfter introducing it in early 2013, Facebook is finally bringing its graph search tool to the mobile, nearly after two years of its introduction.

The company has launched the re-branded version of Graph Search, allowing users to use the notable search tool on their mobiles. The tool allows to search queries like “Photos of me after 2013” or “Friends who work at The Tech Portal”.

Facebook now also allows you to use keywords to search for a specific post or photo caption. Previously, the search only returned relevant Pages, people or Groups. The feature is also coming to desktops (if you still use them) this week. For mobiles, it will roll out to iOS device as of now. There is no timeline available for the Android launch of this feature.

There will be no ads on Facebook’s mobile search or any new keyword ads. But since keywords are lucrative purchase intent, there are pretty high chances that Facebook experiments with ads to see if they could become revenue generators.

The Graph Search was introduced in early 2013 and it rolled out very slowly. Testing of the mobile version started in February and it took 10 months for the company to roll out the final version, and that too just for the iOS users.

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