Back in October, Facebook released a new anonymous chatting app, named “Rooms”. The app, after over a month of its launch, is now available in India.

Facebook announced the same via a post on its official page :

Rooms pits you with people, who share the same interest as you, and hence gives an exciting new dimension to anonymous chatting. While user-to-user chatting is already prevalent, chatting anonymously with people who share the same interest as you, sounds much more interesting and fun.

During the launch, Josh Miller of Facebook said,

Secret and Yik Yak are very different products. Our whole thing is creating corners of the Internet for people like you.

In Rooms, user can create forums or chat rooms, of their interest. These anonymous chat rooms are invite-only with each chat room having its own circular QR code. If the existing member need to invite a new contact to an existing chat room, they can pass on the circular QR code, which the new contact will scan, and will hence get recognised by the app.

Since the app is for anonymous messaging, people do not require a facebook account, or any other identification for that matter, to join in. The app, which is similar to Facebook’s slingshot, in the sense, that you would never be able to recognise that it’s a Facebook product. There are no signs of Facebook branding, neither is there a need, for a facebook account.


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