The most popular spreadsheet of an era,Lotus 1-2-3 saw its end this week as IBM officially ended its support.

Before the Microsoft Excel, it was the Lotus 1-2-3 that made PCs a thing of business. It was the hero of 1980s computer systems and played the significance of bringing the word ‘personal’ to computers. But the times changed, and the world moved to the MS-Excel, leaving only the IBMers with the lotus. And finally, IBM officially announced to end its support to the software.

IBM stated,

Effective on the dates listed below, [June 11, 2013] IBM will withdraw from marketing part numbers from the following product release(s) licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement: IBM Lotus 123 Millennium Edition V9.x, IBM Lotus SmartSuite 9.x V9.8.0, and Organizer V6.1.0. Customers will no longer be able to receive support for these offerings after September 30, 2014. No service extensions will be offered. There will be no replacement programs.

Although, it is not in use much today, its significance can only be narrated by a compo person of 80s !

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