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After, the Drive For Work, Google has now launched unlimited storage for education. The company has announced that it is bringing unlimited storage to Google Apps for Education soon, through the Drive For Education.

In the upcoming weeks, all the Google apps will provide unlimited storage. However, the limit for per app is five terabytes. The company also added, “ for Education will provide free access to the Google Apps Vault, used for email compliance, and enhanced auditing for file activity.” The company also stressed that data stored in Drive for Education is encrypted and private, saying:

As always, the data that schools and students put into our systems is theirs.

The drive is free of charge for all non-profit educational institutions (and there are no ads either). It is a way for Google to encourage education with computers as it understands that these students may eventually opt for, the pricey, Drive For Work which brings in  $10/month. Smart !

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