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DigitalGlobe Launches Most Powerful Commercial Earth-Watching Satellite Into Space

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The WorldView-3, can view everything from the lily plants in your garden to the parking spaces! The most spectacular satellite till date, WorldView-3 was launched by DigitalGlobe on 13th August  from Lompoc, California.

The recently launched satellite is spending its first day in the space and can resolve features as small as 1 foot !  Kumar Navulur, DigitalGlobe’s director of next-generation products, said,

“We can actually tell you, for each individual tree, how healthy it is, and potentially there are models that can estimate the yield of each individual tree. That’s the power of information we are bringing to the table with WorldView-3. You can actually definitely see (car) windshields,” DigitalGlobe director of next generation products Kumar Navulur said. “We can actually tell you whether it’s a truck or an SUV or a regular car. We can identify pictures of a baseball diamond.”

Before WorldView-3, it was illegal to sell images captured from space with an accuracy below 20 inches. DigitalGlobe secured permission from the U.S. Department of Commerce in June to relax that to 15.75 inches. Next year, the limit will drop to 9.84 inches–beyond even what WorldView-3 is capable of capturing.

Now, we can definitely stalk our beautiful planet with greater detail and may be, realize, what have we missed.

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