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Project ARA inches closer to reality, Google to Give Developers First Project Ara Hardware

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Google isn’t afraid to try things that are absolutely crazy and one of its wildest projects we’ve seen this year is Project Ara, an experimental modular smartphone that lets you switch key components in and out of the device like Legos.

Project Ara, Google’s ambitious plan to create customizable modular smartphones, just moved one step closer to becoming reality. The tech giant is now accepting applications from developers interested in receiving development boards, which will be used to create the first Project Ara modules.

The first boards are expected to ship at the end of July, and are “designed to help with prototyping and development of modules for the Ara platform, including modules for the current (first) prize challenge that we formally announced at Google I/O,” Google wrote in an email to developers.

Potential developers will also have to detail their module ideas, the target buyers and potential market, describe how modules are supposed to work, and provide an estimated schedule for completing module development as well as funding sources for modules development.

Google also wants to know the developers’ areas of expertise, technical skills, and check relevant project or portfolios, which are very important details for the company. Google said,

We will prioritize requests based on technical experience and the strength of your module concept.

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