So you are about to begin your blogging career on YouTube, and you feel that the tech industry is the one? Well, to make that work and get your first 500 followers, you will definitely need some help and not only the cheap views on YouTube. You will also require a thorough strategy for your growth that corresponds to the industry specifications. Tech is a popular theme, hence the platform is already inhabited with known and respected influencers – so you must expect severe competition.

Luckily, having a lot of established bloggers also gives you the opportunity to get good inspiration for your content. In this article, you will discover the most efficient methods to get many views on YouTube, regarding tech as an industry for growth.

The Specialty Of Technical Channels On YouTube

Content that concerns this matter isn’t hard to find, as gadgets and other stuff like that are incredibly popular. And you may be motivated to become a blogger too when you see that influencers from this niche are first in the line to get their paws on the latest top products from best-known brands. That is a fruit that looks perfectly easy to reach, but the reality is harsh – cooperation with prime brands is a result of hard, hard work with something less popular.

And that is where the trick is: to get a fine result, you need to go extremely creative with your content, and there is always a chance that it will backfire not the way you wanted. Knowing the level of competition in this niche, that’s a tough one. So when you are stepping onto the path that leads to becoming a known tech blogger, consider that you might spend a lot of time without a decent result until you crack the code for success.

The Main Types Of Content Users Prefer

In the case of tech, it is easy to define that the main reason for people to watch videos about gadgets is collecting information about them and learning how to use them. Entertaining content comes second. So, to get more views for your channel on YouTube, you should concentrate on these:

  • How-to videos and other tutorials. Teach people how to make the max use out of the product.
  • Lists/ comparisons. Often users seek such content to understand which product will fit their needs best – show them what gadgets are top-notch and compare different products.

  • Reviews. Another instrument for people to understand if they really need this product or technology. This one is the hardest kind of content to develop – it requires huge investments at the beginning and constant search for sponsorships and collaborations with brands. However, this is probably the most appreciated type of video in this sphere.

  • Unpacking and testing. This one is kinda like reviewing, but usually, it is more about entertainment and fun than practical use.

Probably the best choice for any blogger would be a combination of all the types of content, but sometimes concentrating on a single one can really help you to gain authority and subscribers.

Personality Above All

As you can see, a choice of ideas for videos is quite limited, so to squeeze in the top list of bloggers in the tech industry, you have to come up with an original persona that would catch and retain the attention of the public. Your character has to impact all your work, so your videos are distinct from others in the niche. Unfortunately, there is no common tactic for that matter. But you must keep it close to reality. Users can feel if your character is fake even through the screen, thus, there is no need to become something that is not you.

Honesty and sincerity are highly appreciated today when the whole media space is struggling to get rid of unnecessary standards. So, bring out the brightest sides of yourself, and reach people that would really love the way you present the videos on YouTube. Infuse your channel with various markers of your personality. Logo, color scheme, background details – all those are serving right to form your persona on YT.

Pro tip: quite a special way to uncover your character is to involve a sidekick. This practice will help you to organize a dialogue, using your peer as a medium for your audience. It can be anything or anyone that will enhance your best qualities and also add some entertainment factor to your videos.

After all, there will always be someone who laughs at your jokes. As an example of such a sidekick, we can use a known American YouTuber, JonTron, who filmed his parrot as a robotic assistant in his old school game reviews. It definitely made his videos more fun and recognizable.

Some Tips For Getting More Views On YouTube

Create custom thumbnails. A sure way to attract viewers to your intent is by creating a bright and original thumbnail. This small picture should reflect the core of your video yet leave some intrigue. Prefer colors that contrast with the YouTube basic scheme. Meaning – avoid the combination of white, red, and black.

Infuse as many keywords in your texts as possible. To watch your video, users have to find it! And to make you and your audience meet, the system has to categorize your content properly. Add relevant keywords organically to your title and description, trying to place the most informative ones at the beginning of the text.

Connect with the audience. Being a social platform, YouTube requires good communication. Users love feeling involved, so you have to show interest in their opinion and encourage them to discuss the content in comments. Don’t forget that the conversation has two participants, hence, active responding improves your reputation and increases loyalty.

Aim for more “Suggested” views. The suggested video is related to the one the user is currently watching. The system chooses content mostly relying on keywords, yet again – mind your SEO. Lifehack of the day: use the same tags as your competitors do. This technique will increase your visibility as your video will appear before the eyes of people who have definitely shown interest in the topic.

Piggyback on the brand popularity. In the tech industry, it is just a piece of cake because there is a rare person nowadays who wouldn’t be aware of top gadget brands. The easiest way to gain views is to film a review clashing the two everlasting titans: Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. This content is evergreen too. The rival companies constantly update their products and replace them with newer versions, so you can periodically check out how things are going there and parasite on the name’s popularity.


Gaining more views on YouTube can be tricky nowadays because the competition is overwhelming. The Tech industry is no exception. To beat everyone else in this fight, you need to think through every step of your strategy, growing your account in stability. Pay a lot of attention to your SEO because this is the key to your visibility.

And of course, create high-quality videos that will easily engage and motivate your audience. There is no recipe that could guarantee you success, but you should get ready to do a lot of analytical and somewhat monotonous work if you want to become a known persona on YouTube and beyond.